Manuel Riecke - Programmer, Game Designer

Hobbyist - 2013+
Springbok - Custom Game Engine in C++ for rapid prototyping. sGFX - Attempt at a simplified, minimalistic API for modern OpenGL. Schattenblut - Total conversion mod for Clonk Rage Age of Sins - Tabletop RPG system Stargazer - Prototype for Gravity-based space shooter Earthscaper - Prototype for GPU-side Signed Distance Field based world map generation TribalSim - Prototype for old-school immersive sim RPG with strategy elements libColorProcess - C++ library for writing SIMD-optimized image processing filters
ColorTool - Solo Dev - 2018
Technologies: Godot 3.x, GDScript, C#, C++, GDNative Acting as sole developer, designing the product and user interface, implementation of all systems, branding and marketing. Palette creation software for professional artists with full graphical user interface. First commercial Tool released using Godot as UI Framework. Robust versioned Serialization framework. Transaction based Undo/Redo system. Shader-based filters for real-time image editing.
Hell Slayer - Solo Dev - 2022
Technologies: Godot 3.x, GDScript, C# Acting as sole developer, designing the product, implementation of all systems, creation of art assets and overseeing art direction. Vertex color based biome blending system for pixel perfect aesthetics. C# NPC system that simulates thousands of responsive creatures at the same time without runtime allocations.
Nouns Crown - The Pixel Shop - Lead Programmer - 2023
Technologies: Godot 4.x, GDScript Creating a playable Demo on a tight deadline for raising funds for further development. Iterating on creating a unifying Game Design and allocating of tasks with the rest of the team. Procedural Dungeon Generation with Simulated Annealing for Layout resolution.